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There are amazing shapes, patterns and colours in nature, and with this kaleidoscope of natural wonders, botanical painting can reveal the innermost essence and character of even a simple plant.

About the artist

Since arriving in Hong Kong with my husband and two young children in 1979, I have been constantly fascinated and surprised at the incredible diversity of plants here, and now a full member of the Society of Botanical Artist UK.  
While walking the hills of Hong Kong with my dogs, stopping to untangle myself from the huge spider-webs made me pause and take note of my surroundings.  I started to record some of the plants that I saw in water-colour, in a most amateurish way; but this small beginning has led me to become a serious water-colour botanical artist.
After a very long time in education, running my own school and being principal, a change of career at retirement age seemed the right thing to do.  So for three years I took up studying botanical art-work with The Society of Botanical Artist in UK.  This meant total dedication to an art-form that was new to me; and it was this that led me to gain a distinction for the diploma course I took.
Now as a professional botanical painter I am going to use these new-found skills to gain more awards and take up projects that will record the delights and wonders of the natural world around us  here in Hong Kong..

What is Botanical Art?

Photographic realism is making its mark on today’s botanical representation, and botanical artist are all too aware of this. However who does not admire, and who is not fascinated by the perfection of a representation of nature from a human hand?  Botanical art is a true representation of the essence of a plant. A photograph is a snapshot of one particular subject at that one particular moment in time, whereas a botanical painting reveals the inner depths of a particular species of plant.  Botanical painting has great aesthetic merit; a picture can deserve contemplation in itself, and hopefully make the viewer more aware of the treasures nature holds for us to view.  Just go for a short walk in the parks or hills, and really look at the intriguing forms of the natural world; you will be amazed!

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